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What is a Change Strategist?

According to studies conducted by researchers at Better Up, we are 6x more likely to demonstrate strong resilience in the middle of our life-changing event, if we can identify our own AUTONOMY and CHOICES within that change.

Jessica's unique perspective and experiences can walk you through the process of identifying your 'WHY' as you navigate that change.

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Working one on one, Jessica can assist you in identifying choices and organizing your challenges in a way that breaks them down into incremental and approachable opportunities. As a change strategist, Jessica uses a series of techniques she has developed that originate from her extensive experience working in conflict management. Jessica can support you as you become a collaborator of change by showing you how to expend your energy most efficiently, by accepting the invitation that change offers, instead of resisting it.


Small Group

As an experienced educator, Jessica can work virtually with your team to enable them to become collaborators of change. Using techniques she has learned through her extensive experience in developing conflict management curriculum, Jessica will walk your team through exercises that are rooted in effective active listening, reevaluation counseling and support individuals in developing interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness through mapping out their territories. Jessica will use her unique experiences and perspective to set up a framework that your team can use as a foundation for navigating both personal and collective change.


Inspirational Speaking

An Invitation from Change.

In this series, Jessica delivers a moving and teachable talk that demonstrates the power and resilience she experienced through her kidnapping. Tailored to meet the needs of your particular company culture or challenge, your team will no doubt, be reminded of their own capacity to navigate change through Jessica’s unique storytelling of her 93 days in captivity.


 It is the only thing we can really count on - sometimes we choose that change, making it happen through our determination and our sheer will.


Other times, change chooses us, waiting to see what we will do.

As one who has experienced a serious life-changing event, Jessica offers her unique perspective as well as practical, professional support, as a guide to others navigating great change. Whether that change has been thrust upon you, or you have decided to create something different from your life, as a Change Strategist, Jessica can walk you through the process of identifying your 'WHY' by articulating your goals and locating practical solutions to achieving them. 


Virtual Keynote Presentations

Jessica offers the tools, environment and skills to perform a quality remote presentation using live video.

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