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Soul-centered writing and speaker coaching services

for the woman who is ready to tell her story.

What is

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One-on-one coaching support with Jessica that fosters authentic self-expression through the development of your message, memior, manifesto.

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SOUL SPEAK (7)_edited.png
SOUL SPEAK (7)_edited.png
SOUL SPEAK (7)_edited.png

Soul Speak is centered around five actions that paint an entire picture of who you are, what you do and what you have to say. These five parts are vital to the development of your personal brand as a thought leader in ANY industry.


We will work to intuitively connect you to your heart, your heart to your vision, and your vision to your message. 



What do I do? 

I hold space with you, and listen to your story. Together, we will connect the most meaningful parts, authentically articulate the lessons learned and translate them into tools you can use to serve your audience and prospective clients.


How do I do it?

I can help you turn your story into your business by empowering you to own it, and tell it from the (S)hero’s perspective- YOURS.

  • Create a Memoir Manifesto that clearly communicates your message and offers a transformational experience for your audience

  • Craft a keynote or TEDx that expresses your authentic message and gives your audience the gift of application through a relatable experience

  • Create content and curriculum from all your valuable insights and lessons learned- turn them into workbooks, journals, retreats, conferences.

  • Understand who you are in the digital space and determine how to show up in alignment with your soul, your message and your business

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SOUL SPEAK (7)_edited.png
SOUL SPEAK (7)_edited.png


I am a survivor, speaker, NYT bestselling author of Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team VI, podcast host, teacher and coach. I travel all over the world sharing my journey of survival. I have spent years working through my trauma and have figured out how to turn my mess into my message, inspiring thousands of people from the TEDx stage, in front of audiences that include Clint Eastwood, Admiral McRaven, Taya Kyle, Rebekah Gregory and countless other badasses that come from all walks of life. I’ve been interviewed by Jay Leno, Dr. Phil, Stephen Colbert and Scott Pelley. My 60 Minutes interview was one of the most watched interviews to date, and Newsweek named me “One of the 150 Most Fearless Women Who Shake the World.”


I have spent years combing through my experiences, crafting my message, identifying the life lessons that have been the key to my survival, enabling me to recycle my pain into relatable talks that are accessible to any audience.


And I can help you do that too.

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"Sometimes the Universe puts someone on your path without you even knowing you need them in your life. That has been my experience with Jess Buchanan. Jess has an uncanny ability to listen to what you tell her, your surface story as it were, and pinpoint the moments where there is much more buried under the surface, perhaps even from you. She asks probing but gentle questions; she works actively with you to develop your deeper story beyond a compelling narrative by providing your audience with clear, key takeaways, whether they can directly relate to your story or not. 


Jess is generous with her time, her energy and her understanding of what it takes to build and grow a business from your content. It’s easy to completely forget the experiences she has had because she spends no time reminding you of her harrowing survival or of her now high-powered career. Rather, she invests wholly in you and your needs. She is present, she is engaged and, perhaps my favorite thing, she is comfortable in silence. Jess creates beautiful, gentle space for you to lean in to the hard moments of emotional searching that come with work like this. The clock doesn’t feel like it’s ticking when you spend time with Jess, and that freedom allows you the time you need to explore, discover and uncover all that you have to share about your own journey." 

Dayna Del Val

Creator of The Daily Dose and (re)Discover Your Spark Retreats



Declare: Memoir Manifesto 

You have been through something, now you know something about it, and can teach us something. This is the introduction to YOU. One part message, one part manifesto, one part memoir. 


Share: Craft your Talk

It’s not enough to share the details of your journey- your clients and audience are hungry for transformation. Creating clear, actionable steps infused with the essence of who you are will inspire long lasting change.


Educate: Podcast, Blog, Vlog

As a thought leader it is your responsibility to consistently provide content in which your audience can grow from and also continually connect with you on a soul level.


Connect: Workshop/Retreats

Providing opportunities for your clients to connect with themselves and explore the concepts and tools you have developed in community with you and each other sets you and your business apart and offers a safe space for the transformation your audience is craving.


Communicate: Social Media and Digital Footprint

You must have a clear identity around how you show up in the digital space to inspire, motivate, educate and promote. Finding your niche, crafting your message and visualizing how you wish to serve your ideal client will create the space for an experience that will support and foster growth in your clients.

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