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Bringing You Soul Centered Self Help Guides

Soul Speak Press is an imprint of Merack Publishing

 a space for soul-centered women to share their Desert to Mountaintop experience through their writing and creation of a Memoir Manifesto. 

What IS a Memoir Manifesto?
1 part Memoir
1 part Message
1 part Manifesto

These non-fiction works are an account of your journey, whether it has been the struggle to make yourself known in the boardroom, you have survived tremendous trauma, or have reclaimed your voice in a profound way through the every day life of a woman. Memoir Manifestos capture your unique experience and offer your reader lessons you have learned as well as actionable steps to lasting transformation.

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 The Full Manifesto:

Memoir Manifesto Development Package is the full-service package including publishing under Soul Speak imprint.

  • Pre-call audit of existing written material (approximate time allotted six hours)

  • Six 90-minute individual coaching sessions tailored to you and your story

  • Deep dive on writing goals and expectations

  • Message clarifying exercises and identifying key takeaways

  • Feedback and editing services with notes

  • Branding and marketing strategy session

  • Book Design and Layout development session

  • Email and texting access to me for questions and concerns

Memoir Manifesto Content Development

This Content Development Package is designed to help you clarify your story, message, and purpose through writing, but does NOT include publishing with Soul Speak Imprint.

  • Includes six 90-minute live one-on-one coaching sessions to provide clarity on your message from which you can build your platform and establish yourself as a thought leader.

  • Deep dive on writing goals and expectations

  • Message clarifying exercises and identifying key takeaways

  • Feedback and editing services with notes

  • Branding and marketing strategy session

Memoir Manifesto Review: 

Memoir Manifesto Review  Package includes edits and feedback on an already finished and complete manuscript and publishing under Soul Speak imprint. This does not include content development or outline. 

  • You bring your finished manuscript to me, and my team will edit and provide feedback and notes.

  • When you are ready to publish, we work with you and the publisher to create a cover and book design that expresses the deepest truth of your story, and the message you want to pass on.

Keynote Development

Maybe you have already written a bestseller and are racking up the speaking events! However, your keynote feels like it isn’t everything it could be and you need some support outlining those actionable takeaways that turn your story into something interesting people want to hear, to the transformation people with PAY to hear!


Includes three 90-minute live one-on-one coaching sessions to:

  • captivate the essence of your message and produce three actionable takeaways

  • connect your message to your brand in order to build a platform from which you can create a lot more work!

  • a crash course in marketing yourself as a professional speaker on social media to book more work


SOUL SPEAK (7)_edited.png


Maybe you already have your book outlined or you have a killer keynote in development. Your message is clear, but the quickest path to your audience is NOT.

You know what to say, how to say it, and who you want to say it to (you THINK!): It’s just how to get their attention that is keeping you from your fullest success and potential.

I offer three-month strategy packages where I offer you the opportunity to access my brain! Think of me as a life coach for your writing and speaking career- after publishing a NYT Bestseller and working as a professional speaker for the last decade, I have learned the ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts and I can help you level up. 

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"Sometimes the Universe puts someone on your path without you even knowing you need them in your life. That has been my experience with Jess Buchanan. Jess has an uncanny ability to listen to what you tell her, your surface story as it were, and pinpoint the moments where there is much more buried under the surface, perhaps even from you. She asks probing but gentle questions; she works actively with you to develop your deeper story beyond a compelling narrative by providing your audience with clear, key takeaways, whether they can directly relate to your story or not. 


Jess is generous with her time, her energy and her understanding of what it takes to build and grow a business from your content. It’s easy to completely forget the experiences she has had because she spends no time reminding you of her harrowing survival or of her now high-powered career. Rather, she invests wholly in you and your needs. She is present, she is engaged and, perhaps my favorite thing, she is comfortable in silence. Jess creates beautiful, gentle space for you to lean in to the hard moments of emotional searching that come with work like this. The clock doesn’t feel like it’s ticking when you spend time with Jess, and that freedom allows you the time you need to explore, discover and uncover all that you have to share about your own journey." 

Dayna Del Val

Creator of The Daily Dose and (re)Discover Your Spark Retreats

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