Things don't happen TO us, they happen FOR us. And when given the chance, the TIME, to do what they need to do, we'll end up more grateful, perceptive, hardworking, loving, creative, resourceful, giving. 

It will take the time it needs to take- and when it is done, we will finally be free.

                                                                                                             - Jessica Buchanan



Through the art of storytelling, Jessica delivers personal, thought-provoking and inspiring presentations centered around the concept of CHANGE. Her ability to transform her experiences into relatable messages of resilience and hope are relevant and meaningful to a wide range of audiences. Jessica is able to provide actionable takeaways for everyone, whether you are a group of Fortune 500 CEOs, or an assembly of America's future leaders trying to make a difference in the world, Jessica is able to reach each person with relevance, leaving behind lessons that can be applied in all aspects of professional, relational and spiritual life.


Because of Jessica's extensive background in education, she is able to tailor her message into interactive workshops and training sessions that can be held virtually, addressing the various needs of organizations and companies who may be experiencing significant change.

What is a Change Strategist?


For more information or to book a speaking engagement, please contact:

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Engaging, Relevant, and Impactful

Speaking Engagements

Jessica's articulate and tailored presentations provide an impactful and relevant experience.  Her message of hope, survival, and freedom have inspired audiences from all walks of life. 



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