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National Day of Courage

The National Day of Courage celebrates Rosa Parks who helped spark the modern civil rights movement in 1955. At Henry Ford Museum, we invite people of courage to share their experiences and help inspire others to take a stand. This year, humanitarian aid worker, Jessica Buchanan shared her inspiring and courageous story. 


National Press Club Event

Jessica Buchanan and Erik Landemalm discuss their book "Impossible Odds" at a May 22, 2013 book event. The book details humanitarian aid worker Jessica Buchanan's kidnapping by Somali land pirates, her three months in captivity, her rescue by the Navy SEALs, and her husband's extraordinary efforts to help bring her home.

60 Minutes Interview

An American aid worker's first interview about being kidnapped and held for ransom by Somali pirates in a 93-day ordeal. Scott Pelley reports.

Dr. Phil

Jessica Buchanan, who was kidnapped and held hostage for 93 days by Somali pirates, dicusses her experience with Dr. Phil.

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