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Support the Cause

The Navy SEAL Foundation works to raise funding to help assist families of fallen SEALS who have been killed in the line of duty. Many times, when a SEAL has made the ultimate sacrifice, his family has too, and he leaves behind a wife who will then need to figure out how to take care of her family, when their main breadwinner is no longer able to provide. The NSF supports families in so many tactile ways, providing things such as daycare funding so a mother can go back to work, a computer for a high school student so they can complete their college applications, assistance with rent while families go through the many stages of grief, just to name a few.


Jessica has had the immense honor of traveling around the country, sharing the incredible story of her rescue by the Navy’s elite unit, SEAL Team VI, and has become an ambassador for the Foundation, raising awareness and funding so that families of fallen SEALS receive the support they so desperately deserve in times of need.





Jessica continues to support the work of Hostage US through various roles, most recently through podcasting episodes and training platforms hosted by Hostage US, and is currently in the process of taking on the role as a family support liaison which helps to support families of hostages who are currently being held for ransom.



Hollin Meadows Partnership

First and foremost, Jessica is an educator who believes in the necessity of connecting with the outdoors. She continues to lead the outdoor education program for Hollin Meadows Elementary School, a Title I public school located outside of Washington DC, and sits on the board for the Hollin Meadows Board for Outdoor Education. Jessica believes it is every child's human right to have access to nature, healthful food, and opportunities for STEM education regardless of race, socioeconomic status and location.

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