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TEDxPearl Street

60 Minutes Interview

Navy Seal Foundation Speech

Chicago Ideas Week

Current Events


Available NOW: Audible Movie Podcast Featuring Jess's Story

Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team 6 has been adapted and featured in a three-part series as part of Wondery's Against The Odds audible movie podcast. LISTEN NOW

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Jessica named one of  'Most Inspiring Women of 2021'

Jessica was named one of Alexandria's Most Inspiring Women of 2021 by ALX VIP Magazine in association with the National Heart Association.

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LIVE Podcast Show Monthly

Join Jessica for the We Should Talk About That Live Podcast Show on Z TV the first Tuesday of every month!

Also, WeSTAT Podcast has a new podcast out every Monday!

Dr. Phil Interview

National Press Club

National Day of Courage

The Women's Eye Podcast

NPR Interview

Newsweek Magazine

Jessica Buchanan Voted '150 Most Fearless Women Who Shake the World'  in 2012.

Television Appearances

From sharing her story to providing perspective on current day abduction activties, Jessica routinely appears on a broad range of television formats. 



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